The Best Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program – 2020

What can be better than the Amazon Affiliate Program for Beginners of affiliate marketing?

Looking to monetize your online platform!

Need a Passive Income source!!

If you are new to affiliate marketing or want to take a gem or two from this post, we got your back. You can diversify your online platform income with Amazon Affiliate Program.

In this guide, you will find – 

Let’s get started.

Amazon Affiliate Program

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is not a new thing. It just has got better and more transparent with big players in the field.

It is like a referral system where you recommend a product to people.

Let me make it simple for you.

There are tons and tons of products out there. People search for these products to buy. 

But before buying, smart consumers like us, research the product. They need to know what is best, why a particular product is the best etc.. 

So you refereed a product on your online platform and someone bought.

What’s next? 

Well, you will receive a commission from the company.

How Amazon Affiliate Program works

P.S. Digital products tend to have high affiliate commissions. It’s normal to get as big as 50% commission for generating a lead for a digital product.

You can earn a commission from many companies out there. All you have to do is join their Affiliate program and generating leads for them.

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Why choose Affiliate Marketing?

We often take the power of affiliate marketing for granted. This is because of these 3 major reasons:

  • Most of them are unaware of this monetization model.
  • They rely on their dominant monetization models. Like Adsense, AdMob, and link shortener commissions.
  • They don’t think they can be able to sell someone their recommended product.

Relying upon one monetization method is a recipe for failure in the long run. Because in the online world no one knows what impacts a weekly update can do to your traffic.

It’s best if you diversify your monetization strategy. It’s not a failsafe strategy, it also adds another income stream with no extra effort.

No matter what ad network you are using, If your CPC ( cost per click ) is usually high. This implies that you have a loyal audience and the probability of conversion is high.

If this is the case, then you should venture out and get the most out of this untapped potential. Even replace some low paying ad units with your affiliate banner and ads won’t do any harm.

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How to generate Leads?

You don’t feel that you can generate leads and convert people to make a purchase or have failed earlier in doing so. Then It is probably because you don’t run an authoritative site or channel.

When you become the expert of your niche, you automatically gain authority.

Authority sites are those sites in which you have a loyal audience. Your audience can trust you with your word because you are an authority figure in your Industry. Most of the affiliate conversion comes from this category of websites.

Make authority sites on your niche.

So, you are running a non-authority site. 

Don’t worry, You can still get leads for your affiliate products. 

How? by recommending Niche related products. 

In my opinion, trendy or festival-related products tend to do better on these kinds of sites.

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Getting started with Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program or the Amazon associate program is the affiliate market place by Amazon. 

You can recommend or promote any product from Amazon on your blog or YouTube channel or any kind of online platform. By doing so, you can earn money online while you sleep.

Learn how to start an affiliate marketing blog.

Check out this in-depth article and find out how you can make an affiliate blog just for $10.

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Why choose Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program, a good and smooth start for your Affiliate marketing Journey. There are many reasons why you should be opting in for Amazon Affiliate:

  • People trust amazon with their money. Unlike other sites in which people hesitate to make payment.
  • They are masters of their craft. They offer the best pricing, customer support, and delivery service.
  • Amazon affiliates also provide good support and security for their partners. You don’t need to worry about what If your sale is not recorded in the dashboard or any similar problems. This giant has already taken care of these minute details.

There are many affiliate companies out there. The registration process for most of them is similar. For now, here we’ll discuss step by step guide on how to apply for the amazon affiliate program.

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Requirements to apply for an Amazon associate program account


How do you become an affiliate?

Before proceeding, just make sure of the following points

  • You have a Blog or Website – You need a blog or website, that drives a sufficient amount of traffic. If you don’t have one or want to start over, You can see how to start an Amazon affiliate blog.
  • You have a Mobile App – If you have a Mobile app, you can apply for this program.
  • You have a YouTube channel – You can recommend products from Amazon on your YouTube channel. Check here for how to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.
  • You are a social media influencer – You can join Amazon Influencer Program, an extension of Amazon associate.

PS – Amazon Affiliate Program is free.

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How to apply for Amazon Affiliate

Applying for an Amazon affiliate account is fairly simple.

Follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Sign up for Amazon associate

First of all, you need to visit – 

amazon affiliate home page

Associate landing page will be opened. Click on Join Now for free. 

This will need you to log in with your existing Amazon account credentials. 

2. Account Information

After successful login, you’ll be presented with a form to fill account Information.


Here you need to select your address. Choose from preexisting addresses linked to your account or write a new if you want. Next up is to choose if the one listed above is the payee or someone else.

Thereafter, you’ll have to select if US tax law applies to you. 

So even if you are targeting foreign audiences choose No. Because, you are applying from somewhere except the USA.

3. Provide Website or Mobile app list

You’ll have to provide your blog, website or app URL on this page. If you are going to use youtube to promote affiliate products then put in the URL of your channel.


4. Setup Profile

Now you’ll be prompted to enter your preferred associate id, you can enter anything you like in that space. You’ll also be asked about your website like your niche and products you are going to promote. After that fill about how you are going to bring traffic to your blog, site, social media page or YouTube channel.

Now Fill the captcha, read their terms and agreements and tick on On your consent checkbox.


5. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account.

Your amazon associate account is successfully created. You’ll now have to bring three sales before 180 days to fully activate your amazon associate account.

amazon affiliate program dashboard

This is your Amazon affiliate dashboard. you can check stats of how many people clicked or bought via your affiliate link. You can also create your affiliate links by searching the product that you wish to link.

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Associates Program Commission rates (Updated-2020)

Amazon offers from 0.2% to 10% commission rate for Specific Product Categories. To see the advertising fee, you have to search for the term “Amazon affiliate commission rate” on Google. And then click the link of Amazon site appears on the search result. 

I am putting a list of updated commission rates of AMAZON India bellow – 

Product Category Fixed Advertising Rates
Sports, Fitness & Outdoors | DIY & Tools9%
Apparel & Accessories | Luggage & Bags | Watches | Shoes9%
Toys & Baby Products | Home | Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares9%
Health, Beauty & Personal care | Personal Care Appliances8%
Books | Grocery & Gourmet | Pantry | Office & Stationery8%
Jewellery (Excluding silver & Gold coins) | Car, Motorbike, Industrial & Scientific Products | Musical Instruments8%
Large Appliances | Movies & TV | Music | Software | Video Games5%
Televisions | Computers |Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) | Mobile Accessories4%
Mobile Phones* | Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment | Tyres & Rims2.5%
Data Storage Devices2%
Gold & Silver Coins0.2%
All Other Categories (Furniture| Kindle devices & E-books| Fire TV stick & other Amazon devices | Others)10%

* Some Mobile Phones at 1% Fixed Advertising Fee.

See the conclusion section of this post for tips to find the right category.

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Amazon also runs Bounty eligible programs – 

  • Amazon Prime – Successful registration of Prime membership from your link.
  • Audible – Successful registration of Audible Free Trial of Audible paid membership plan.
  • Amazon Business – Successful registration of Amazon Business account from your link.
Bounty ProgramBounty Fee
Prime Paid Membership100
Amazon Business200
Audible Free Trial150
Audible Paid Membership Plan150

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Cons of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Indeed Amazon affiliate is one of the best ways to monetize your site. But It also has some disadvantages as compared to other affiliates. 

First of all, they have low commission rates. If you have a large amount of traffic, then it would be a good idea to approach your niche related company. See if they have an affiliate program of their own.

Another problem with them is that they have a very short cookie duration i.e 24 hours. If you can prompt your customers to add the item to their cart then It would be better. Because this will increase cookie duration to 90 days.

But these disadvantages are some small trade-offs for working with Amazon. People trust them with their money and rely on them because of their exceptional service.

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Here you go.

Now I would like to hear from you.

Do you think the Amazon Affiliate Program is best for the beginners of Affiliate marketing?

Would I like to run an affiliate blog?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Tip – To find the right category for your affiliate website, go with a low competition niche. Also, try to minimize the trade-off between the niche and profitability. 

FAQs on Amazon Affiliate Program

Can I become an Amazon affiliate without a website?

Yes, you can become an Amazon affiliate without a website. You can sign up for Amazon affiliate using your YouTube Channel or Mobile app, in case you are an app developer. Otherwise, you can join Amazon influencer if you are a social media influencer. However, having a blog or website is always preferred.

Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

No, Amazon does not pay for clicks. You will be paid whenever there is a sale form your affiliate links.

What is the average conversion rate for Amazon affiliate?

Usually, 1% of your visitors will click your link and buy the product. So, it is better you do your research assuming a 1% conversion rate.

How much does an Amazon affiliate make?

There is no maximum limit on how much you can earn as an Amazon affiliate. But if you are struggling with poor traffic, then you may earn little to no money.

4 thoughts on “The Best Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Program – 2020”

  1. what an amazing article.
    but is it worth it? I mean recently Amazon changed up their affiliate program, they are reducing the payout for many folks.
    So how can we be sure if we should do this?

    • See, Amazon Affiliate Commission for has been reduced. But for beginners, Amazon affiliate program is a great option to start a blog on Affiliate marketing. Since the big players of Affiliate marketing are going to neglect the Amazon’s Affiliate, you have a better chance to perform on this field. Think like it is a new beginning of the Amazon Affiliate Program for you.
      PS. Amazon India has still the old commission rates.


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